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The Tommy Story by Cathy Drews

Tommy Bleu Starr McLovin' - Blue Mitted Ragdoll

I have had a cat since I was a little girl… fell in love with them and decided never to be without one.  November of 2008 our 7 year old tabby Hero died.  Hero, who was born 9/11/2001, came to us after my FDNY husband came back from the World Trade Center tragedy disabled.  We were completely distraught, especially me and my 11 year old son.  We decided our next cat would have to be special, and we researched cats that would be as great a companion as Hero.  Immediately we discovered Ragdolls. When we made the decision to find one, I looked all over for a breeder that I felt comfortable with, that was local, and just gave me a good feeling.  After all, if my next baby was being raised by someone other than us, they better be as cat-loving as we are!  I called a few breeders and did NOT get that “warm-fuzzy” I was looking for – especially from the ones who said they would ship our new kitten to us.  What?  They didn’t even care to meet us?  Most cat-lovers know that kittens and cats choose their people as well as the other way around.  When I called Dave at Brightstone, he had the time to chat and answer my MANY questions.  We made an appointment to go visit Brightstone Ragdolls and we walked into a cozy, clean home filled with the most beautiful, friendly, bright-eyed, gorgeous cats (and a couple of dogs that fit right in!)  We didn’t want to leave – just ask Dave he’ll tell you – we wanted ALL the cats.  BUT he then brought a basket to us with two little precious 7 week old ragdoll kittens.  He invited us to hold them and greet them etc.  My son immediately put one on his back and rubbed his furry tummy – the other one wanted no part of that.  Obviously, the decision was made, and we begrudgingly left, but not before meeting the father of the kittens – so beautiful it made us even more happy because we had an idea of what ours will look like when he grows up.   Dave gave us a date when our kitten would be ready, so we went home to prepare his new home – that was fun, buying him comfy beds, bowls, toys, and all the trappings.  While we waited I emailed Dave on a regular basis for news of our new kitten (sorry Dave!) and he always responded with words of love for his cats, kittens, and our baby – we named him Tommy after a LONG name search.  We took Tommy home in late January when he was almost 12 weeks old – still a kitten, but completely self-assured and confident.  Again, Tommy came to us and made us feel like he wanted us – Dave later told me that Tommy had not acted that way with other people.  See? He was meant to be ours, he picked US.  When we got home, he went right to his scratching post, used the litter box like a pro, and snuggled on our laps as if we were “his” forever.  Tommy is now 7 months old, weighs nearly 8 pounds, barely sheds (we brush and bathe him, he LOVES both), plays like a kitten – although he doesn’t realize how big he is and isn’t that graceful yet!  He gives us such love and entertainment, amusement and has made our home his castle.  After all, he is the “King.”  Even my husband, who wasn’t the biggest cat person in the world, has fallen head over heels.  It’s impossible NOT to love Tommy.  I send Dave photos periodically and he always likes to see how Tommy is doing.  Dave is truly a cat lover, he cares so much about every animal that leaves him.  We hope to adopt one of the retired breeders at some point as well, so Tommy can have a playmate.  I am so happy with our cat, and choosing Brightstone was part of what made this experience so wonderful. Cathy Drews

His name means: 
Tommy - for Roger Daltrey of the Who, the blue eyes on this cat are even nicer than Daltrey's!
Bleu - the French spelling for his Blue Mitted coloring
Starr - he is descendent of Brightstone's "Celestial" line and I love the sky
McLovin' - my 15 year old son loved the movie "Superbad"

tommy 3.jpg

The story of Charlie and Remi by MRT    After losing my beloved cat Manny at 14 ½ yrs old, I knew I needed to bounce back quickly for our 4 year old cat, Teddy bear missed him too.  Teddy bear was only four and needed a playmate. I adopted Lancelot at the tender age of five weeks.  Lancelot needed a lot of care since he was sick and weak from living on the streets.  Two months later Teddy bear died from a clot after necessary knee surgery.  We were miserable. Lancelot began to appear ill.  He was diagnosed with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) an incurable and deadly virus. He started to bite and become aggressive.  At the tender age of six months Lancelot needed to be put down.  He was in pain and becoming irrational. I had lost three cats in 10 months time.  

    During the time I had Lancelot I started to research breeds of cats hoping to get another kitten around the same age as Lancelot.  In my quest I discovered the Ragdoll.  They were sweet, beautiful and big.  The days leading up to my decision to put down Lancelot were very trying.  It was a difficult time.  One day while looking for a local breeder I found David Nudleman.  I got the courage to call.  I wasn’t ready to get a kitten but he put me at ease.  He was compassionate and kind.  He listened to my story and made my sadness feel validated.  I thought this is the breeder I want my next cats to come from.  After another couple of weeks I contacted Dave again and asked when he might have two kittens available.  He told me he had two brothers that would be ready to go in March 2009.  He told me they were born on December 19, 2008.

    I knew right then it was meant to be.  My twos sons were born on January 19th and March 19th.  This was a match made in heaven. He sent us photos.  We visited his quaint, country home in Lynbrook when the kittens were of age.  His home was so clean and neat.  The adult cats were gorgeous. I could see they were well taken care of and loved.

    David let us visit again.  It was so helpful to hold and hug our little guys.  We took them home on March 20th.  It has been such a wonderful experience for me and my two sons.

    My husband is also a Ragdoll fan. I catch him telling friends that the kittens are like gentlemen. They are almost 10 months now and Dave and I have stayed in touch.  He gets a kick out of the photos I send him of Charlie Chip and Remington Bear. I recommend not only Ragdolls to everyone I meet but David Nudleman, ragdoll breeder extraordinaire! Thank you in not enough.